Thursday, July 18, 2024

Law roundup: If you can't beat'em, join'em

by Daily Inter Lake
| July 5, 2024 12:00 AM

After coming across a man haranguing an intersection with a megaphone, a passerby inquired with the Kalispell Police Department whether that was allowed. Officers told him that unless the man was being vulgar or hurting someone, he could stand there and shout to his heart's content. To that, the passerby said he would get a microphone and join the man.  

Annoyed at an apparently abandoned camper left on their property, a landowner phoned the police looking for options for removing it, preferably without having to pay for a tow. Informed that they would need to arrange for it to be hauled away, the landowner opted to leave the camper for now. 

Officers stickered a dark gray Dodge Durango after it was left parked for three weeks in front of someone's house. 

A landowner asked officers to handle a blue Subaru Outback left on their property for more than a week. The police contacted the register owner's parents, who said their daughter was working on getting a new tire and hoped to have it out of there by the following day. 

Officers pulled over a man on a moped because he was lacking a license plate. The plate turned out to be in the man's pocket. He said it had fallen off and, anyway, he was on his way to sell the thing. 

The victim of bicycle theft called the authorities hoping for an update on their stolen ride.  

Two dogs were running around a neighborhood.  

Officers helped a man along to the courthouse.  

A man showed up at the Police Department after a friend told him that another individual planned to kill him. Officers advised him on how to secure a temporary restraining order and offered to run extra patrols near his home for the time being. 

Officers relocated a panhandler off of private property and onto a city sidewalk at the request of employees of a business. 

Someone dropping off books at the library got a scare when a woman jumped out and began yelling and waving her hands around.  

Officers were sent out to deal with a group of kids shooting fireworks from a hill behind a school. Another group of troublemakers allegedly were hanging out around the track.  

Authorities headed to a retailer after a woman previously banned from the store was found wandering the health and beauty section.  

Thieves took advantage of an unlocked pickup truck to make off with a Taurus 9mm.  

Finding a gray Ford Escape with the windows busted out parked behind the building, a property manager phoned the authorities. They said they saw someone sleeping in the vehicle and wanted them moved along. The Escape was unoccupied when officers arrived. They gave the property manager information on how to get it towed. 

Employees of a dog grooming business asked officers to move along a person in a beat-up looking white Ford pickup truck parked in the company's lot. Arriving officers learned the motorist was waiting for gas. They eventually departed.