Thursday, July 18, 2024

Law Roundup: Boom go the fireworks, all night long

| July 7, 2024 12:00 AM

Multiple reports of huge fireworks being shot off in Kalispell's city limits. One group got "mouthy" when asked to simmer down for the evening.

A man chased another man out of his yard. He suspected they were going after his ganja plants.

A group of longhairs were seen yelling a people and chasing vehicles.

Some punks in trucks were reportedly harassing people at a grocery store parking lot.

A caller was not impressed with the ongoing hot rodding on Friday night. He was advised that officers were doing all they could. Another caller alerted officers to vehicles speeding up and down the highway for hours on end.

A loud television program prompted a downstairs neighbor to file a noise complaint.

Officers traced an abandoned vehicle's plates to driver with a history of parking poorly and running out of fuel.

A parked vehicle emitting a pungent odor drew the attention of some dogs. The dogs' owner was advised to have the stink-mobile towed.

Two fluffy bunnies were hopping about at graffiti rock. They appeared to be domesticated.

A caller wanted to talk with an officer about "teen questions."

A dog on the loose was last seen headed westbound.

A man with a grudge was wielding a sign in front of a business that read "manager is evil." He was trespassed from that business' location and another one.

A woman reported her new vehicle as stolen after her boyfriend threw her out of the car and took off. He was probably high on meth, the woman suspected.

A man who posted to Facebook seeking work as a babysitter drew concerns from a caller who wanted it documented.