Thursday, July 18, 2024

Law roundup: Parking lot is drunk man’s challenge of the day

by Daily Inter Lake
| July 9, 2024 12:00 AM

A parking lot might as well of been an obstacle course when a severely intoxicated man was spotted having difficulties walking to his apartment and kept lying down between cars. After about three hours, someone reported his condition to the Kalispell Police Department, saying he was leaning against an SUV but could hardly stand. Officers safely escorted him to his apartment. 

A woman in the middle of the road around midnight allegedly ran and kicked the side of a car that honked and drove around her. The person calling to report the incident told the Kalispell Police Department said she also punched their husband in the face when he talked to her. The caller said they didn’t report it initially because they didn’t recognize the woman but then saw her mug posted on the jail roster. 

A woman who got into a fight in a hotel lobby reportedly knocked over a flowerpot as she was escorted out the entrance by employees. The Kalispell Police Department warned her about criminal mischief and disorderly conduct. The people she had been staying in a hotel room with were also asked to leave due to reports of fighting. 

A 6-foot-tall man riding a red bicycle allegedly ran into the side of a white car, cracking the windshield. A woman reportedly asked if he wanted an ambulance but he rode off and the car drove away. 

A truck reportedly tried blocking three teens in a white Honda from leaving the scene of a dumpster fire by a baseball field. 

A man allegedly ran into a parade barricade and got into a yelling match with another man and tried to get physical. The man was warned about his disorderly conduct and told to leave the area. 

Officers received an abundance of calls about fireworks launched in town during the Fourth of July weekend. Dispatch advised one angry woman that police were doing their best but they first have to respond to life-or-death emergencies in progress. The snippy woman allegedly retorted, “It didn’t happen last year, so why would it be any different?” In another part of town, fireworks debris was falling onto a trailer home. Officers spoke to a group who claimed they weren’t the culprits. Officers counseled them anyway.