Thursday, July 18, 2024

Law roundup: Feisty feline accused of beatings

by Daily Inter Lake
| July 10, 2024 12:00 AM

A woman called the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office alleging their neighbor’s outdoor cat comes onto her property and “beats her cat.” 

“Rodeo guys” were reportedly parking on a woman’s Bigfork property, ignoring her when she asked them not to and the “no trespassing” signs posted around the property. She wanted to know how to get the vehicles towed. 

A man in Columbia Falls allegedly smashed the back window of a Chevy Impala, leaving blood and skin behind. Deputies collected statements and swabs. 

Two drunk women allegedly attacked a man inside a Kalispell residence. One of the women reportedly bit and scratched him, and the other pointed a .45 handgun at him. 

Deputies received a report of alleged animal cruelty when someone was seen throwing firecrackers at goats in Kalispell. 

A Kalispell neighbor reportedly spends their time threatening to beat a man’s dogs and arguing about the fence line. 

A man in Lewis and Clark National Forest called 911 because his girlfriend was reportedly experiencing a mental health crisis after they broke up. He said she refused to get into their vehicle, and he couldn’t leave her in the forest.  

A frantic woman calling from West Glacier alleged she was being stalked by three people before losing phone service. 

Someone reportedly heard a person get slapped across the face and a woman with a child yell, “Get out of here.” A man was seen chasing her around until she locked him out and he stood at the door yelling and cursing. He allegedly began fighting with the neighbors. 

A man reportedly punched his girlfriend twice and pulled her hair. 

A couple were allegedly hitting each other in a vehicle in Kalispell. 

A man reportedly tried to hit his wife in Whitefish. 

A man in Columbia Falls was allegedly attacked by four pit bulls. 

A family visiting Kalispell from out of state lost their light tan chihuahua, Sandy, who has green eyes and a camo-printed collar. 

Six black cows ambled along near the highway in Coram. The cows eventually came home. 

Two dogs walk into a Kalispell hotel. One is wearing a collar, and one looks injured. This isn’t the start of a joke. The owners were contacted and came to get them.