Friday, July 19, 2024

Law roundup: Cargo van suspiciously reeks of rotting meat

by Daily Inter Lake
| July 11, 2024 12:00 AM

A foul odor like rotting meat was reportedly radiating from the back end of a big white cargo van in a parking lot. Employees were given a case report to have it towed. 

Two men spotted stumbling in the middle of the road were stopped by Kalispell Police Department officers and dropped off at the motel they were staying at. 

A patient allegedly threatened to shoot everyone in the building with a bazooka and another patient felt unsafe with her in the building. Officers talked with staff and said they would call the police if they thought it was a valid threat. 

A woman reportedly went to a resident’s door asking about parking on the street in front of their house because she had a flat tire and was met with suspicion when the resident thought the vehicle looked OK. Responding officers said it was “most definitely a flat tire,” but they would provide extra patrol throughout the night. 

Someone in a building heard a woman crying and saw her running and then another person went past knocking on all the windows. Officers spoke with a man and woman who had an argument. 

An employee allegedly found a cash box open with quarters scattered on the ground and estimated about $500 was stolen. 

Someone called officers with concerns about animal cruelty after reportedly seeing puppies out in the heat. They were being sold by a man out of a truck with a camper and cargo trailer in an empty concrete lot. Officers noted the man was from Idaho had been there for more than a week. The puppies appeared healthy and were kept in the shade. 

Two hotel guests allegedly refused to leave until they got a refund. Officers advised the guests they could not be on the property or they would be considered to be trespassing. 

Someone asked officers to walk through a building because they were purportedly seeing a lot of activity from “those people” with those people being “the drug people.” 

Someone “calling for a neighbor” allegedly told officers a drunk man on probation was going in and out of his parent’s house screaming about suicide, rape and sacrifice. 

A property manager, who previously reported an assault, called officers after allegedly receiving a threatening text at 3 a.m. from friends of the person who went to jail. 

Kids were spotted dismantling a flagpole. 

A sober driver was called to transport individuals seen in a blue SUV swerving all over the road. The responding officer reportedly saw beer in the center console and a passenger who appeared to be intoxicated but not the driver.