Sunday, June 16, 2024

Law roundup: Bar employee tired of mixing it up with unruly woman

Daily Inter Lake | June 4, 2024 12:00 AM

Frustrated at constantly being pestered by an unruly woman at his place of work, an employee of a bar turned to the Kalispell Police Department for help. He said she comes in on every shift to mess with him and at least once has gone into the kitchen to find him. On that occasion, he recalled, she started yelling and throwing tomatoes at him. While not fearful, he was plenty annoyed. He asked that officers ban her from the property the next time she came in to mix it up with him. 

Tired of looking out at a late 1970s model Ford van parked in front of their home, a resident asked authorities to sticker the vehicle. 

An odd man in a purple hooded sweatshirt and carrying a black backpack running around a neighborhood prompted a phone call to the police. The caller said the man was in her yard and had watched her leave her car. 

Noticing that employees of a local business were double-parking, a caller wanted to know if the workers were breaking any laws with their parking jobs.

A former employee allegedly called their old job and threatened the business. According to the current employees, their former coworker believed they had been fired unfairly and allegedly threatened to “do something bad.” Officers tracked down the likely culprit and banned her from the premises. They also added the property to the department’s hot sheet. 

A sticky-fingered person lifted a phone from a local business.

A casino employee spotted a couple of people either sleeping or passed out in a Ford pickup truck parked in the rear of the building. The truck was gone by the time officers arrived. 

An anonymous caller reported her neighbor’s dog for barking constantly, “day and night.” Officers walked the dog’s owner through options to cut down on the noise. 

Multiple women were spotted passed out or otherwise unconscious in their vehicles in the middle of intersections. One was in a Jeep, the other in a 4Runner. 

An employee with a property management company reported a white Ford pickup truck that was left parked in the area. Officers noted that the truck was parked legally on a city street. 

Deciding to cut her ties with her sister, a woman asked that the Police Department no longer contact her when problems with her sibling came up. 

A fire extinguisher ended up in the southbound lane of a busy road. 

Officers reunited a couple with their vehicle after they misplaced it near a local business. 

Authorities recovered an empty syringe with no needle while patrolling the Parkline Trail. 

A thief went through someone’s vehicle while it was left parked awaiting alignment work. The culprit made off with a cord and two prescription sunglasses worth $700 each.