Sunday, June 16, 2024

Law roundup: Children take go-kart for joyride in the street

by Daily Inter Lake
| June 6, 2024 12:00 AM

Someone called the Kalispell Police Department reportedly concerned about the safety and legality of 8-year-olds driving a “NASCAR go-kart-type vehicle” in front of cars. The person called police back urging officers to get there immediately because the kids nearly careened into a stop sign. Officers counseled the kids and an adult who was present. 

Someone alleged that a drunk man wearing gray sweatpants and slippers “shoulder-checked” them in a gas station and then purposely hit their vehicle with his truck. 

A woman purportedly tried to “confess her love” to a man she used to see and, upset with his response, stood in the street in front of his house, throwing things, and not very lovingly said she would break in. He told police he just wanted her to get help. Her night of disorderly behavior concluded at the jail. 

A parent was allegedly concerned that a man’s morning routine included parking his truck in front of their house to sit and smoke a cigarette. They called police after he had been hanging around for about four hours but left before officers arrived. 

A man wearing blue shorts and a red hoodie reportedly watched someone in a store and then ducked into an aisle where he began recording them on video. He then cussed and spat at them when they told him he could not record video in the store. 

A highly intoxicated man reportedly grabbed the wheel of an Uber driver, saying he would help them get to an address and then refused to get out. 

A woman with a newborn in her vehicle was frightened that the driver of a black Ford F-150 coming from Reserve was trying to run her off the road as she got onto the bypass.

A man wearing a neon yellow sweatshirt and holding a bat was reportedly screaming at a woman lying on the ground covered in a blanket. Both were banned from all city parks for the day. 

Officers assisted a 16-year-old whom someone was trying to scam online. A woman with the handle “Kronic,” allegedly used the instant messaging app Telegram to try convincing him to buy gift cards and condoms and meet up with her at an address. He called the police, saying he didn’t buy anything and blocked her, but went to the address where he waited on the other side of the street but didn’t see anyone. He was concerned she might be a child predator. An officer advised the teen to report future incidents to police and not go to a location suggested by a stranger and to forward any video and conversations for law enforcement to review. The officers also said it was a common scam for people in other countries to try and convince random people to buy gift cards.