Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Law roundup: Caller claims Spanish speaking men discussed crimes

by Daily Inter Lake
| June 21, 2024 12:00 AM

A group of Spanish-speaking men near an area laundromat earned the attention of the Kalispell Police Department after an eavesdropper accused them of discussing stolen vehicles. The men allegedly were hanging around a white Ford van affixed with two different license plates. The eavesdropper told authorities he was aware of the content of the conversation because his wife spoke Spanish, but refused to furnish any other details. Officers later determined that the men were just doing laundry.  

A man allegedly armed with a gun apparently walked into a big box retailer, pulled out a boxcutter and began slicing into boxes. Unnerved employees phoned the police, saying they were instructed to avoid approaching the man. Officers let the man know he was no longer welcome at the store.  

Sick of looking at an abandoned minivan in the parking lot, a property manager turned to the police for help. They said that the vehicle belonged to a former tenant, who had departed four months prior.  

Officers were summoned to a public park for a report of a man sleeping.  

Someone walked into an auto parts store and charged $400 worth of items to an account he was not authorized to use. The man returned a few days later and tried to add more items to his haul.  

A city employee asked authorities to check in on a group of people arguing in a parking lot. The trio had departed by the time officers arrived in the area.  

Officers were alerted about a forthcoming protest in the city. 

Employees told authorities that a man previously banned from the business' property had returned. Officers moved the man along.  

A guest allegedly stole footwear and a hat while paying a visit to a home. He allegedly made off with a Chicago Bulls hat and a pair of Nike Air Force 1s. The person who reported the thefts estimated the value of them at $375. When officers later tried to circle back, they were unable to contact the victim.  

Receiving a phone call from a person she had a temporary restraining order against, a woman contacted the police. The call originated from the county jail, she said.  

A motorist went out to his Subaru and found it stickered for a parking infraction by law enforcement. Phoning the Police Department, he told officers that he drives his Subaru daily, but parks it in the same spot. Officers took note, but recommended he park a few feet away in the future to avoid confusion.  

Thieves snatched up solar lights newly installed in a flowerbed. A camera caught the abduction, and the footage showed the miscreants getting away in a black Honda or Altima. 

Officers alerted several people about the rules for a public park in the early morning hours.  

A resident reported a noisy house party in the neighborhood. While the revelry had calmed some when officers arrived, the partygoers were advised of the complaint.