Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Law roundup: Woman reported for jogging dangerously

by Daily Inter Lake
| June 23, 2024 12:00 AM

Someone called the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office to report a woman for purportedly “jogging dangerously” on the shoulder of the road, just beyond the white line, in Kalispell. They were concerned for her safety.

Deputies received a report about people reportedly digging holes in the road in Kalispell and someone wanted to know who they were.

Someone was allegedly throwing eggs at a house in Kalispell and the residents told deputies they were having ongoing issues with neighbors.

A man in Kalispell was reportedly sitting in the grass yelling what sounded like, “Deputies are about to go down.”

Someone calling from Kila alleged that their daughter and granddaughter were having an argument with the granddaughter’s boyfriend and heard a man throwing things while on a phone call with them.

Three horses were on the loose in Columbia Falls.

A passerby reported an unattended campfire behind a business in Hungry Horse.

Someone unfamiliar with the area allegedly saw a tree smoking and believed it was from a lightning strike.

A resident reportedly found their Columbia Falls property fraudulently listed for sale online.

Someone allegedly showed up at their ex’s job in Kalispell and left crackers on their windshield. The ex was also sending emails to their work email and they wanted to report the incidents as harassment.

A man reportedly took off running into the bushes across from a Whitefish business and headed toward the river, when someone entered a parking lot and thought it was suspicious. There were no signs of forced entry to an SUV they were hanging around or the building.

A Marion resident’s neighbors were allegedly shooting and the shots were ricocheting through their property.

Someone flagged deputies down to report a reckless driver. The deputy followed the vehicle and didn’t observe any violations.

Someone allegedly shooting firearms in the area had a warrant out.

A Coram resident reportedly ordered a $3,000 TV that was delivered to a business across the street and they believed a man stole it and wanted law enforcement to intervene. The resident’s son allegedly thought the TV belonged to him and picked it up but told deputies he would bring it back.

A woman in a truck allegedly waved a gun and told someone she would shoot their dog if they didn’t put it on a leash and move along in Kalispell.

A bale of hay was spotted on a Kalispell roundabout.

A neighbor reportedly kept trespassing on a neighbor’s property, ignoring the signs that stated, “no trespassing” and they wanted to know how to handle it.