Saturday, July 20, 2024

Law roundup: Shoplifter allays fear with knife

by Daily Inter Lake
| June 24, 2024 12:00 AM

Flathead County Sheriff’s Office received a report that a man allegedly “popped open” a knife when employees tried to stop him from shoplifting in the parking lot and said, “Don’t worry, I have a knife.”  

A man who was allegedly fired returned to the business on the same day and threatened to kill an employee in Hungry Horse.

A scared woman reportedly jumped out of a car and ran into a casino after her boyfriend, who was in the vehicle drinking, beat her. 

Someone allegedly thought a person’s reckless driving in Kalispell was a targeted incident of harassment.

A motorcyclist was also reportedly driving recklessly in Evergreen.

Two individuals covered in sleeping bags under the viaduct were told to move along by Whitefish Police Department officers after a man called complaining they were “in the way” and his wife was uncomfortable walking a trail in their presence.

A large decrepit-looking bus with Oregon license plates had reportedly been sitting in the middle of the street, blocking it, for more than a day. The bus was moved.

Multiple tenants allegedly called a property manager saying they saw a “baby grizzly” and were worried about a “mom grizzly.” 

Officers requested a flatbed to tow a golf cart when the driver was reportedly taken to the hospital to have their blood drawn.

After allegedly listening to two hours of loud music, screaming and backyard beer pong, a party pooper had enough and called the police to complain. Revelers agreed to keep it down.

Someone called the police alleging they saw what looked like a 10-year-old boy, who could barely see over the wheel, driving all over the road and then speeding up to 80 mph. They said they would follow him because they feared he would crash into something and were told not to do that. Officers spoke with his mother. A woman reportedly was “riding his bumper,” passing him, brake checking and recording him so he slowed down and then sped up to get away from her. The officer said to tell him to call 911 if he is harassed while driving.

Officers advised a man in Depot Park about city camping and open container ordinances and took his keys which he could retrieve when sober.

Police stopped multiple people and ticketed at least one person for urinating in public and having an open container.

A woman reportedly purchased tires from a company that shut down and she was unsure about what to do in getting the tires that were inside the building.