Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Law roundup: For one man, it’s never like riding a bike

by Daily Inter Lake
| June 25, 2024 12:00 AM

A 6-foot-tall man attempting to ride a bicycle through the area might want to look into a less exasperating form of exercise when he reportedly kept crashing and yelling “die” and “other curse words," according to an onlooker who reported his churlishness to the Kalispell Police Department. 

A woman allegedly spent a morning yelling at people in a park. When someone saw her lying on the ground they asked if she was OK and was met with a threat. She told a responding officer she was fine and would “take a quiet walk.” 

Someone reportedly lost their phone and when they tried locating it, it was pinging in a neighbor’s house with whom they had a “bad history” with and wanted police assistance. They called back when one of the neighbors showed up and an argument ensued. The phone was ultimately returned. 

A parent allegedly saw a bearded man follow a group of four teens, saying the man believed one of the boys was his own child. The boys went into a grocery store. Officers told the man to move along. 

A man reportedly kept showing up at his ex-girlfriend’s residence despite being told he could no longer stay there and was possibly getting inside through a window. During one surprise and unwelcome visit, he allegedly got into the residence, confronted her about talking to other people and tried flushing her phone down the toilet. 

A concerned parent contacted the police alleging his child was beaten by an ex and didn’t report it. The man reportedly pushed his ex, who slapped him, and he punched her causing her nose to bleed.  

A teen sought advice from police after his mother’s ex was reportedly stalking him, wanting to fight him. Officers advised him about the process of obtaining a temporary restraining order.