Saturday, July 20, 2024

Law roundup: Thief leaves a paper trail behind

by Daily Inter Lake
| June 27, 2024 12:00 AM

Someone reportedly broke into a truck and stole a wallet containing credit cards and around $180 cash, dropping some of the bills on the floor. 

Someone called the Kalispell Police Department after seeing an allegedly unsupervised toddler and two dogs left in a minivan parked outside a business for about five minutes. The vehicle was gone before officers arrived. 

Around six teens were reportedly “breaking into” an apartment complex’s clubhouse and “verbally assaulting” employees. When asked for more details the caller clarified that the group was loud and disorderly and hadn’t damaged anything. 

Someone wanted to know whether two men allegedly sitting by a campfire near a river were allowed to be there. Although they weren’t causing any problems, they added the men “were making women uncomfortable.” 

A drunk man allegedly stumbled to his vehicle in a parking lot, got in and sped off. He was later chauffeured to jail. 

Someone reportedly thought the two occupants in a black truck parked in a handicapped-designated spot were exchanging drugs and took photos. They said the passenger got out and left and that the truck was swerving all over the road. 

Mail and a trash bag that didn’t belong to a resident was left on their front porch. Officers collected the bag. 

A female wearing a black hoodie and black shorts allegedly stole a large black tote from someone who tried chasing her, but she got away in a red CRV driven by a male wearing a gray hoodie.  

Two people wearing dark clothing reportedly opened the trunk of a white Honda Civic in a parking lot outside someone’s apartment and got into the car where they used flashlights to look around. One of the individuals said the car was a recent purchase and they ran out of gas. However, the car was not registered to the person they allegedly bought it from. 

Someone was suspicious that two to three people sitting on BMX-style bikes by a business were up to no good. A responding officer advised one person of their warrant and the group picked up their belongings and moved on. 

A motor home with a cart attached to it was reportedly “creeping down a street.” Officers located it legally parked. 

Officers received a later call from an employee about a “weird” RV that had been in the parking lot for at least one night.