Saturday, July 20, 2024

Law roundup: Beware of online strangers asking for money

by Daily Inter Lake
| June 28, 2024 12:00 AM

The rapid souring of an online relationship left a resident turning to the Kalispell Police Department for help. They told officers that they met a woman online and had sent them money, but now she was demanding more cash. The resident said that they never met the woman face-to-face and had no information on where she might live. Officers recommended he report the situation to the Internet Crime Compliance Center at 

An employee at a local homeless shelter turned over to the police a bag of items they suspected of being stolen. Officers contacted the owner of the goods, who retrieved them.  

A thief smashed a window and stole a wallet from a vehicle.  

Officers pulled over a Chevrolet Corvette in an alleyway. 

A visitor awoke to find a thief had gone through his rental car, though they only made off with the keys to the vehicle. Officers secured surveillance footage of the theft from the hotel, seeing a slender man in a black sweatshirt and khaki pants allegedly rummaging through the victim's rental car. Investigators contacted the rental car company to see if they wanted to pursue criminal charges. 

Employees reported a black Audi after it pulled into a parking lot near a playground and it seemed like the occupants were taking photographs.  

Officers intervened after two people began arguing over leash laws near a food bank. A man, who had a black Labrador retriever on a leash, appeared to be arguing with a woman who had a German shepherd off the leash. Officers counseled everyone involved on the city's leash laws.  

Officers reunited a child with their dog after it temporarily got loose. 

Library employees asked that officers bar a man from the facility, saying he had previously stolen a bicycle in the area.  

Officers moved along an allegedly screaming woman.  

After a woman arrested on an outstanding warrant began complaining that her shoulder was dislocated, officers released her from custody so that she could receive treatment at an area hospital.  

Disturbed by her ex's apparent smear campaign, a woman sought help from the authorities. She told officers that he was back in Las Vegas and doing his best to turn her friends away from her, dragging her name through the mud on social media. She acknowledged that he likely was breaking no laws and officers advised her on how to secure a temporary restraining order.  

Officers returned an apparently stolen motorcycle, a gray Honda Rebel 500, to its owner after someone found it abandoned.  

A passerby reported a group of seemingly homeless people "doing drugs." When asked for a more detailed description of the activity, the caller said that it looked like they were "shooting up drugs." Officers were unable to confirm the account.  

A man, perhaps a fan of the "Back to the Future" trilogy, allegedly was drunkenly, profanely and loudly letting patrons of a local park know that he preferred to go by "Great Scott." Officers put Great Scott in handcuffs and moved him into the back of a patrol car. He was cited and later released.  

Tired of dealing with speeding motorists, a resident asked that the Police Department install speed bumps in the neighborhood. Officers offered to run extra patrols in the area instead and directed the resident to contact City Hall regarding other, more permanent deterrents.  

A thief broke into a construction trailer near the site of future apartments, making off with about $3,371 in tools and equipment.