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Letters to the editor March 24

| March 24, 2024 12:00 AM

GOP endorsements

Dumb and dumber.

Only the Flathead County Republican Central Committee could win both comedy plaudits from actor Jim Carey and “Wannabe Commissar” plaudits from dictator Vladimir Putin.

Remember how they attempted to muzzle Reps. Courtenay Sprunger and Tony Brockman with a censure during the last legislative session?  Brockman went on to pass 16 bills and also helped to secure funding for the Evergreen U.S. 2 sidewalks. Sprunger nailed eight bills into law, including fentanyl legislation, and found herself the governor’s choice for multiple signing photos and visits.  

Doubling down on their impotence, the committee has now orchestrated opposition to these two smart workhorses in the form of a neophyte not yet a year out of high school and another guy who couldn’t even win election to the school board.

But the voters weren’t born yesterday. What will happen, of course, is that both challengers will get smoked and the competition of the primary will get these experienced legislators even more in touch with their constituencies, always an advantage come November. And the voters will relegate this Soviet-era election buffoonery to the scrap heap.

Wikipedia prominently describes one committee member as convinced that your Covid vaccine actually contained tiny tracking devices, and labels another as a perennial, and since 2018, losing candidate. It’s hard to argue with their assessment when we are now presented with a laughably bone-headed, though sinister, political move dumber than a box of rocks.

— Andy Palchak, Kalispell

Let’s make a deal

So it appears that one can shoot another person, be charged with two counts of felony assault, have that reduced to criminal endangerment, get credit for the 179 days the tapayers of this county fed, clothed and housed you and you then walk free with no court fines or fees because you said you can’t pay. 

Perhaps since this person is free to roam our streets now, might I suggest he get one of the many jobs available here in the Flathead and actually pay his court fines and fees. I know, I know — that no doubt sounds mean and cruel but why not give it the old college try, eh? How about restitution to the person he shot? 

When they say there is crowding in our jail I wonder about that because according to the myriad articles that I see daily in the newspaper the majority have their day in court, plead to a lesser charge, get a suspended sentence and, boomshakalaka, they are back out on the street. 

The tepid prosecutors and liberal judges in the Flathead seem to delight in playing “Let’s Make A Deal” with some clearly dangerous folks and have no compunctions about letting them go. What must one do to actually go to prison here? 

Nothing invites the criminal element more than invertebrate prosecutors and judges. 

Let me just throw this concept out there. I know it appears to be increasing unpopular but let’s try actually holding people 100% accountable for their actions and punishing them to the fullest extent of the law. No playing footsies and making deals. 

All citizens everywhere deserve a safe community to live and recreate in and we can’t have that if those who are supposed to mete out justice don’t do their jobs and hold people accountable.

— Jill Williams, Kalispell

Tax burden

It’s time to really pay attention to the upcoming school district submisiions for new school levies, especially after the just passed fire and police levy in Kalispell.  

In a recent ruling, our property school mills increased at an alarming rate. The school district will again argue that this is needed without actual merit. Pay attention please. 

My property taxes will increase over $300 per year for just the emergency response levy. As property taxes have also increase, we simply cannot afford more burden on already tight purse strings. The never ending school levies must stop. Period. Vote no.

— Steve Allen, Kalispell