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Whitefish gym expands with wellness center including cold plunge

| March 24, 2024 12:00 AM

Since opening in 2021, PEAK Fit has become integrally involved in providing an outlet for health and wellness in Whitefish. Their circuit and HIIT style exercises have struck a chord with those looking to reach their fitness goals. 

Now as a complement to these workouts, co-founder and head trainer André Bolourchi and his partners, Joe Hess and Debbie Maue, have opened a wellness center offering a cold plunge, infrared sauna, compression therapy and LED light therapy.

Through a myriad of health and wellness resources, Bolourchi said they are currently choosing to focus on these four aspects due to the beneficial and healing nature of cold water, heat, massage, and light. 

PEAK Fit and PEAK Wellness function as separate businesses which allows gym members to receive discounts while non gym members can still access the wellness center. 

“The gym is one side of the coin and the wellness center is the other side and it is in alignment with our mission, which is to bring fitness to people and make the community stronger as a whole,” Bolourchi said about the wellness center. “So often in gyms, it's just push, push, push, but [the center] allows for rest and recovery and pushes towards optimization of life as a whole.”

The space boasts three private saunas and one six- to eight-person sauna to provide a more social experience. There is one cold plunge and one Odin ice bath which, unlike other cold plunges, can reach 32 degrees Fahrenheit and form ice.

“We had the Odin Ice Bath imported from Australia. It's a beautiful cedar plank-lined oval tub and it chills the water differently than the plunge brand. The ice bath is for those that are a little bit more daring,” said Bolourchi.

Compression sleeve therapy is ideal for recovering from and preparing for exercising, according to Bolourchi. While sitting in a reclining leather chair, the sleeve compresses, encouraging blood flow to the area and thus, improving oxygen levels to speed up recovery and relieve pain. The intensity and handheld massage devices can be adjusted to relax the upper body.

“We're starting with the leg compression sleeves, but NormaTec, the company we’re going with, also offers sleeves for hips and arms which we may offer in the future. It’s a myofascial release and after a 30-minute session you get up and your legs feel like they’re 15 years old again,” Bolourchi said with a laugh. 

After dealing with a skiing injury last year, PEAK Fit co-founder Joe Hess can personally testify to their final service, Red Light Therapy. 

“[Hess] took a big fall and broke his hip, femur, and ankle. He used red light therapy to really make a comeback and is a strong proponent of it,” Bolourchi said, adding that Hess is already back on the slopes. 

While each service is beneficial for detoxing the body, increasing mitochondrial function, and muscle recovery, staff can help individuals tailor their wellness goals to fit their specific needs. Bolourchi said education is vital to maximize the benefits of the services. 

“There is an education process to getting to know our bodies,” he said. “Whether it's learning breathing techniques, how to relax, or how red light affects our bodies.”

Those interested in booking services can either do so through a PEAK Wellness membership, a 10-pack, or by purchasing individual sessions.

“The past two years have been mind-blowing and heart-opening for me to see so many people from the community take control of their health, make friendships and bonds that were not there before,” said Bolourchi. “We are a place that promotes positively moving upward.”

PEAK Fit and Wellness is located at 6550 U.S. 93, Suite 102A and 102B, Whitefish. Call  406-901-0111 or email 

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    Elyssa Spector soaks in one of two cold water immersion tubs at Peak Wellness in Whitefish on Friday, March 15. (Casey Kreider/Daily Inter Lake)
 Casey Kreider 
    Elyssa Spector demonstrates one of the infrared saunas at Peak Wellness in Whitefish on Friday, March 15. (Casey Kreider/Daily Inter Lake)
 Casey Kreider