Monday, April 15, 2024

Law roundup: Woman blames missing mail on ‘mafia’

by Daily Inter Lake
| March 28, 2024 12:00 AM

A woman wanted the Kalispell Police Department to document a story involving missing debit cards, missing mail and the “Russian mafia.” She allegedly contacted police when she noticed two unactivated debit cards went missing and it wasn’t the first time. She previously had four cards go missing and said she wasn’t getting all her mail delivered. An officer asked her if she wasn’t getting all her mail delivered because she provided a different address from her home address, but she went on about a past break-in at her apartment and linked everything to being a purported key witness against the “Russian mafia” in 2007. 

A couple reportedly followed a man with several bags on a bicycle out of suspicion that he broke into a house when they saw him walking between homes on a closed golf cart lane. He dumped the bicycle and the items when one of the pair approached him, identifying himself as part of the neighborhood watch.

People who stayed at an Airbnb for almost a week allegedly invited over a lot of guests and left behind a white substance that the property owner thought was oxycodone, which was collected by police and secured as evidence.

A customer at a gas station reportedly saw kids throwing eggs at vehicles passing by. An officer made contact with a group, but everyone denied throwing eggs. The officer counseled them on their behavior and moved them along.

Someone called the police exasperated about a woman they reportedly allowed to stay in the building for one night only when she kept returning for three days and she couldn’t get her to leave. They said she was at the entrance and wanted police to tell her she couldn’t be on the property, adding that the confused woman looked like she was on drugs.