Monday, April 15, 2024

Law roundup: Landlord, tenant have slugfest over parking

by Daily Inter Lake
| March 29, 2024 12:00 AM

A landlord and tenant reportedly got into an argument over a parking space that resulted in one of the women punching the other in the face. The injured woman was taken to the hospital and the other to jail by Kalispell Police Department officers.

Four people in a dark-colored Toyota Tacoma reportedly circled a security employee and at least one person engaged in indecent exposure out the passenger window.

A passerby tried to speak with two boys who appeared to be 8 or 9 because one of them had a handgun, possibly an air pistol, but they ignored him, so he called the Kalispell Police Department. He stuck around with the boys and their mom until officers arrived to find the boys had a Glock 17 air pistol. Everyone was counseled.

A woman allegedly tried to stop an intoxicated woman from leaving her house from driving but was unsuccessful. The drunk driver reportedly made it to a craft store where she was confronted by the woman, whom she grabbed by the chest and throat, leaving minor scratches. 

An energetic shirtless man allegedly ran around a parking lot screaming and yelling before sitting on a curb to take a break. 

A very intoxicated barefoot woman who was purportedly having a rough night was warned about her disorderly behavior when someone called complaining about her going in and out of her apartment, yelling.

A white Audi A6 and blue Nissan Titan truck were racing each other before one turned onto 11th and another onto U.S. 93. 

A man called officers about a roommate dispute wanting to know if he could throw away the property they left behind. He said he texted the ex-roommate multiple times to get his things and received expletives as replies. Officers informed him that as long as he made a “good faith” attempt and allowed him to get his stuff back, he was under no obligation to store the items.