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North Star RV Roof gives people roofs they can trust

Daily Inter Lake | May 5, 2024 12:00 AM

Growing up in the Flathead Valley, Nikk McWhorter has always worked hard, using his hands and a keen eye for building things for work and fun. 

From countertop installation to basic construction, McWhorter has always loved completing a project. A little over a year ago, McWhorter began his newest project: North Star RV Roof LLC, a project that continues to grow today. 

“I was looking for something that was more long-term,” McWhorter said about starting his own business. 

The idea came after his cousins in Florida invented FlexArmor roofing, a roofing that is sprayed on recreational vehicles that has no caulking, is guaranteed leak free and has a transferable lifetime warranty. The install only takes, on average, three days, McWhorter said. 

FlexArmor has been a leader in the aftermarket RV roof industry since 2005, with a few locations across the country. The roofs, which are sprayed on, have a no-leak warranty and are three times thicker than other RV roof materials, according to the company. 

McWhorter is the only supplier of FlexArmor in Montana and one of two suppliers in the Pacific Northwest. 

“These roofs will give you a lot of armor,” McWhorter said, specifically mentioning trees and branches on roads or in campsites as potentials for damaging a roof. 

FlexArmor is a “revolutionary sprayed RV roof alternative for RV owners,” McWhorter said in a pamphlet. 

“The main principle behind FlexArmor is if you remove the caulking joints found on an RV roof, you remove the potential for leaks,” he followed. 

On average, McWhorter can have upwards of 10 RVs to work on in a month. To start, McWhorter takes off all the roof components. Preparation takes two days, and then spraying takes another day. The spray cures in six seconds, allowing for quick completion and multiple layers. 

The final thickness of the roof is just more than a quarter of an inch, McWhorter said, and the roof material's life outlasts the EV. 

“If you get a roof from us, you will never have to worry about it again,” he said. 

While it was tricky to get his name out at first, McWhorter sees a bright future for the business. Eventually, he would like to get a space that could fit two to four RVs while maintaining a quick turnover time and excellent results. 

In the meantime, McWhorter enjoys his days in the shop, sometimes with his young son tagging along and playing with model cars on the shop floor. The front office desk is a replica of a van, the top of it showcasing the FlexArmor material.

“It all seemed to work out,” McWhorter said. 

North Star is located at 1029 Roosevelt Trail, near the intersection of Montana 35 and Montana 206. To learn more visit 

Reporter Kate Heston can be reached at or 758-4459. 

    North Star RV Roof opened within the last two years, seeking to give RV owners a more reliable roofing option. (Kate Heston/Daily Inter Lake)
    The upstairs of North Star RV Roof is where Nikk McWhorter applies the roofing spray to seal and protect recreational vehicles.
    Nikk McWhorter, owner of North Star RV Roof, built a front office desk to model a RV, including the sprayed roof. (Kate Heston/ Daily Inter Lake)