Sunday, May 26, 2024

Law roundup: Employee aggravated over ‘crack house’

by Daily Inter Lake
| May 13, 2024 12:00 AM

A maintenance employee called the Kalispell Police Department to move along a man allegedly carrying a black garbage bag and looking into car windows in a parking lot while waiting for a lady who walked to the “crack house across the creek.” It appeared the caller was very upset about the house’s existence.

A jumpy man in his 20s, who appeared to be intoxicated, reportedly walked through a college campus acting very “bouncy” and was yelling and gesturing at staff. A facilities director told officers he was going to get in his vehicle and try to locate the man and was advised not to. 

A man allegedly went to a woman’s home stating he worked for a company she then called to verify and found out that he wasn’t an employee and the company didn’t have people going door-to-door.

Someone wanted officers to check on the welfare of a barefoot skinny male, who looked like a teenager, walking in the middle of the road playing with a toy.

A converted bus was allegedly parked for three days in an alley by an elementary school where recess was held and an office manager asked officers to have it moved. Officers found it unoccupied and said they would see if it was on school property or not.

A neighborhood youth was reportedly coming onto a woman’s property and harassing her dog and she wanted to know what could be done, saying she already talked to their parents. She was advised that it wasn’t a crime related to taunting animals.

A passerby complained about a man gesturing at vehicles driving by.