Sunday, May 26, 2024

Letters to the editor May 13

| May 13, 2024 12:00 AM

Brockman making a difference

Tony Brockman is the first state representative to put boots on the ground and support Evergreen.

He listens and takes action. When he sees a need, he’s the first to call and say, “How can I help?” I am asking everyone in Evergreen and North Kalispell’s House District 8 to vote to re-elect Tony “Sidewalks” Brockman.

He made an Evergreen kid’s dream come true. Growing up here, attending school, raising kids of my own, and assisting my late husband when he was going blind with no sidewalks was dangerous. Tony Brockman is the first state representative to take action and get those sidewalks for our kids.

We all need a Tony in our lives; he prioritizes his constituents and district first. I am excited to see what new and wonderful things he will do for House District 8 in his second term. Vote to re-elect the local guy; vote for Tony Brockman in this June’s Republican primary.

— Cinnamon Davis-Hall, Kalispell

Campaign ads

When exposed to some of Sen. Jon Tester’s TV advertisements relating to Tim Sheehy, I ponder the following questions:

Do you suppose the combat troops, as they were applying their face paint, worried about whether he was “one of us” or maybe whether he was competent to lead them into a combat situation.

Sheehy sells a number of items at his rental property. This appears to be a good business decision, as it is used so often by businesses around the world.  Should he be criticized for being a good business man?

The Montana game and fish rules relating to private property is “do not enter unless you have permission” and “do not hunt if you do not have permission.” That seems to bother the Tester supporters.

— Dale B. Heldstab, Columbia Falls

Playground for the rich

Transplant Tim Sheehy’s support for a public land transfer shows that for as much as he wants to pretend he understands the issues facing Montana, he only represents the ultra-rich multimillionaires who move here looking to snatch up land and cut off access to the public. And worse, he now thinks he can hide his position from Montanans.

A land transfer would mean putting our public lands in the hands of entities who either don’t have the funding to hold onto them or who actively want to sell them off, which would severely damage what makes Montana the Last Best Place. This shows how deeply out of touch he is on issues important to Montanans.

Now, Tim Sheehy is trying to hide his support for that toxic position. He’s tried to reverse course, claiming that he doesn’t actually support transferring public lands, a backpedal that can only mean he suddenly found out how unpopular this is with actual Montanans. He’s shown true colors that aren’t compatible with Montana values and this is why we can’t let rich out-of-staters represent us.

— Jim Driscoll, Kalispell