Sunday, May 26, 2024

Law roundup: Garbage strikes woman’s windshield

by Daily Inter Lake
| May 14, 2024 12:00 AM

A man in a gray car that was parked next to a woman’s vehicle threw something that landed on her windshield and drove away. She called the Kalispell Police Department because she reportedly wanted to make sure “the substance he threw was not illegal.” It was an empty pack of Lucky Strike cigarettes.

A man alleged that a man living in his RV park “verbally assaulted” him, calling him the devil and saying he was going to kill him. He reportedly gave the man a day to get off the property and wanted officers to remove him. Officers counseled him about the eviction process since the man had rented a place there for months

An RV reportedly left and returned to a location near the bypass where the occupants made it home sweet home replete with a solar panel set up, after getting a notice to move. Officers placed a new notice to move on the RV.

A resident complained about the wind blowing sand that construction crews were spreading next door onto their yard.

Officers responded to a report of teens allegedly drinking and smoking weed at the skate park with the “main person” involved described as wearing a plaid shirt. Officers located a male in a plaid shirt who appeared to be very intoxicated and was walking around holding a bottle of whiskey.

Four men in a maroon vehicle were purportedly “acting weird” and by weird the caller explained they looked like they were scoping out houses and vehicles.

A skittish, old and emaciated tan dog was impounded.

Six kids were reportedly running out of a trailer park and playing in the middle of the street. Officers counseled the kids and parties involved.