Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Law roundup: Man suspicious of what cat dragged in

by Daily Inter Lake
| May 22, 2024 12:00 AM

A neighbor allegedly experiencing “some trouble” told the Kalispell Police Department that high school kids who were “dressed funny” went onto their property either looking for or trying to catch a cat, left and later returned.

Someone reportedly saw a Toyota 4Runner hit a pedestrian and the woman got up and walked away, going into an apartment building. The person told police they saw the incident happen a block away. Officers drove through the area but were unable to locate a woman matching the caller’s description.

Two coworkers reportedly received back-to-back calls from blocked numbers where a man on the other line would breathe heavily and say inappropriate things. One of the women called the police when the man used her first name. She said the calls would usually occur while they worked alone at night.

Squatters reportedly turned someone’s vacant trailer into home sweet home.

Someone allegedly misdialed 911 and hung up. On a callback, a security employee said they needed help removing a transient in the lobby who said he was allowed to be there before standing up and urinating.

Dispatch answered a 911 call and heard two people possibly arguing. A man was upset that dispatch dared to do their job and call back to confirm there wasn’t an emergency.

A resident called the police when an aggressive chihuahua mix that allegedly dug under a resident’s fence, barked and tried to bite their kids earlier in the day showed up again. The resident was waiting in the street for the time when it could unleash the beast.

Someone called the police demanding to speak to an on-duty officer about how much a “seat belt ticket” costs.