Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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Updated 3 hours, 10 minutes ago

Young activists who won Montana climate case want to stop power plant on Yellowstone River

Fresh off a legal victory earlier this year in a landmark climate change case, a group of young environmental acti…

Updated 2 weeks, 1 day ago
Kalispell City Councilor Sid Daoud launches US Senate bid

Days after winning reelection to Kalispell City Council, Sid Daoud has turned his attention to the Montana Senate seat up for grabs in 2024.

Updated 2 weeks, 4 days ago
Montana to accept federal funds to feed school-aged children next summer

After not accepting similar funds to feed hungry kids last summer, the state of Montana has changed course, and about 170,000 kids will have a better chance at full stomachs this upcoming summer in the Treasure Sta…

Updated 2 weeks, 4 days ago
Tribal leaders ask Congress for help with fentanyl crisis in Native American communities

WASHINGTON — Leaders of Native American tribes detailed the fentanyl crisis in Indigenous communities during a Wednesday U.S. Senate hearing.

Updated 3 weeks ago
Ryan Busse confirms 1998 hunting ticket, calls it an honest mistake

Gubernatorial candidate Ryan Busse confirmed Tuesday he received a hunting ticket in 1998, but the Democrat also took a shot at Republican Gov. Greg Gianforte’…

Updated 3 weeks ago
Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen launches 2024 reelection bid

Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen is running for reelection in 2024, his campaign staff announced Tuesday.

Updated 3 weeks ago
States reconsider religious exemptions for vaccinations in child care

Montana, like 44 other states, allows religious exemptions from immunization requirements for school-age children. If the state is successful in expanding its …

Updated 3 weeks ago
State receives more than two dozen charter applications

As of its Nov. 1 deadline, the Montana Board of Public Education has received applications from more than a dozen public school districts seeking to establish 26 distinct charter schools across the state.

Updated 3 weeks, 1 day ago
Zinke, Daines introduce bills seeking to block Palestinians from US

U.S. Sen. Steve Daines and U.S. Rep. Ryan Zinke, both Montana Republicans, have in recent weeks introduced bills seeking to block Palestinians from entering th…

Updated 3 weeks, 1 day ago
Air Force asks Congress to protect its nuclear launch sites from encroaching wind turbines

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Air Force's vast fields of underground nuclear missile silos are rarely disturbed by more than the occasional wandering cow or floating s…

Updated 3 weeks, 1 day ago
Poll: Montanans tepid about leaders, split on policy issues

The deep division and uncertainty that seems prevalent in national politics is alive and well in Montana, as the results of the annual Mountain States Poll were released Thursday.

Updated 3 weeks, 6 days ago
Montana's psychiatric hospital is poorly run and neglect has hastened patient deaths, lawsuit says

HELENA, Mont. (AP) — Montana's state psychiatric hospital has been so poorly run for decades that patients are unsafe and not treated with dignity and respect, which combined with a pattern of understaffing, lack o…

Updated 3 weeks, 6 days ago
Man and 1-year-old boy shot and killed in Billings, suspects detained

A man and a 1-year-old boy were shot to death in their residence in Montana's largest city and 10 people have been detained while the shooting is investigated, Billings Police said.

Updated 3 weeks, 6 days ago
Knudsen’s office blocks top-four primary ballot initiative, prompting lawsuit

The backers of a constitutional initiative that would reshape primary elections in Montana are suing the state for access to the ballot in 2024, arguing that Attorney General Austin Knudsen’s office incorrectly det…

Updated 3 weeks, 6 days ago
Endangered Species Act protections for wolverines likely imminent

An analysis of wolverines in Wyoming and the rest of their Lower 48 range paints a grim picture of a low-density species that’s losing its habitat and facing a…

Updated 4 weeks ago
Montana Capitol Christmas tree harvested from Lubrecht Forest

GREENOUGH – Governor Greg Gianforte today announced the harvest of the 2023 State Capitol Christmas tree from a Montana Department of Natural Resources and Con…