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Protect the valley's long-standing ag heritage

“It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future…” But maybe not as tough as Yogi Berra made it sound.

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Letters to the editor Aug. 27

Montana Wounded Warriors would like to thank the board members of the Flathead Valley Clay Target Club for this years 10th annual benefit shoot. The club has been long time supporters of Montana’s wounded vets an...

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Letters to the editor Aug. 24

Water right protection and certainty is important to not only those in agriculture, but all Montanans. Whether used for irrigation or any beneficial use, all...

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Letters to the editor Aug. 20

So now many liberals want us to support “Black Lives Matter, Inc”. I don’t wonder why. It is so blatantly obvious that BLM is just a euphemism and a vehicle ...

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Letters to the editor Aug. 17

There are few issues of more conspicuous lunacy today than defunding the police. Particularly, the idea of defunding School Resource Officers will make schools unsafe. Have we forgotten the violent active shooter...

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The fight for freedom

America is under siege. We are threatened by an enemy that is undermining the very foundations of our Constitution and the American values that have created,...

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Masks are good for business

It is popular to say that government should be run like a business. Those arguing about wearing masks should look to local and national businesses; they will see that masks are good for business. The governor’s m...

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Election mail bag Aug. 16

I’m writing in support of Kathleen Williams for U.S. Representative in November. I have met her and listened to her speak twice in the past few years. I am impressed by her background in working on the Environmen...

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Healthy people are being demonized and campaigned against

I have been a registered nurse for over 29 years, the majority of which has been spent in the community health setting. All of my jobs during this time have involved infection control, whether that was part of or...

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Letters to the editor Aug. 16

I have not closely followed letters regarding Covid-19 but after reading the Aug. 8 article about Rosita’s restaurant in Libby and their recent dilemmas it was time to react.

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Be flexible as schools navigate reopening plans

The general angst among parents, students and teachers is palpable as the valley gears up for a return to school in these unprecedented times of COVID-19.

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Bullock’s steady leadership will keep Montanans safe

As health-care workers across Montana, we applaud Gov. Steve Bullock’s steady leadership and commitment to keeping Montanans safe during this unexpected and unpredictable public health crisis.

Updated 1 month, 1 week ago
Blankenship crowds a growing concern

Overnight camping along the Flathead River at the Blankenship access has reached a tipping point that Forest Service officials need to address with both short- and long-term solutions.

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Letters to the editor Aug. 13

The when and how for the start of the 20-21 school year should be the top priority for our nation. Our children are our most valuable natural resource and de...

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Fair concert and rodeo not worth the risk

Northwest Montana Fair and Rodeo officials last week decided to cancel this year’s carnival portion of the fair “for the health of our community” and fair workers. While probably an unpopular decision with some i...

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Letters to the editor Aug. 9

I love the fair. I love the shows, carnival and rodeo. But having worked at the fairgrounds for many years, I also know about the crowds. I’m sorry, but social distancing is not possible.